Kazakhstan through the eyes of International Journalists

Specialists of mass media worldwide have shared their opinions and emotions on modern Kazakhstan in the yearly ‘Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Foreign Media’ contest. The 5th annual contest, which is organized by the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is closed. Five out of 80 works of foreign journalists were selected. The selected winners have accurately and objectively reflected topics of Kazakhstan’s politics, economy and society. This year’s winners are from United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India and Uzbekistan. The journalists were awarded trip to Almaty, Astana and Burabay resort in Kazakhstan. The winners wrote about different topics in their articles. For example, one of the contest winners, an Uzbek journalist – Ulugbek Shonazarov wrote about the rapprochement of Central Asian countries.


 - You know that strengthening good-neighbourly relations with the Central Asian countries is Uzbekistan's top priority in foreign policy. Regarding Kazakhstan, we always say that these countries are eternal friends. A bright example of this is this year’s declaration of Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Forbes journalist Alexander Lipovtsev from the United States reflected global changes and development initiatives conducted in Kazakhstan after its Independence.


 - Kazakhstan has become more different than what I knew. It was like the opening of seven miracles for me. I left the country a pretty long time ago, and Astana has become a completely new city for me, and I saw it as a tourist. I came here in November through a media tour and what I saw are miracles for me.