Cooperation with OECD

Kazakhstan is closely cooperating with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Kazakh Government is actively introducing OECD standards in the economic practice. Compliance with these standards brings Kazakhstan closer to joining the top 30 most developed countries. Over the past year, the OECD specialists were studying the operations of the public councils in the regions of Kazakhstan and prepared several recommendations for improvement. Experts suggested establishing specific public councils in Kazakhstan. They believe that the councils should be divided into sectors instead of tackling all issues at once.   


- We saw that this is the opportunity that is provided by the law and is practically working. However, their operations can be improved. They have many functions as they perform public evaluation and monitoring and they also provide their recommendations. The council should provide strong recommendations in order to influence the law-making.

According to specialists of the Kazakh Ministry of Social Development, all the proposals of the experts will be taken into account in the new concept of the draft law ‘On Public Councils’. Public council is a new model of interactions between the population and the government bodies. They are crucial in the formation of Open Government and serve as an indicator of the active civil engagement. Currently, there are almost 230 public councils on the republican and regional levels operating in Kazakhstan. Last year, they performed evaluations of more than 9,000 regulatory documents.