Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity

The Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program is consistent with the goals and tasks of the United Nations (UN), noted the staff of the international organization and foreign experts. The ideas outlined in the program article of the President of Kazakhstan are important for the entire international community. According to analysts, the program is based on the revival of cultural values and it takes into account all the risks and challenges of globalization. The UN experts acknowledged the importance of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity, pragmatism and competition development. The global experts the UN are paying great attention to the global citizenship education, which has gained greater importance due to their inclusion in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.


 - For us global citizenship is a pillar, is one of the principles that our member institutions must adhere to Our initiative actually aligns institutions of higher education, universities and also research centers and think tanks with the United Nations so we serve as a link between the academia and the United Nations system as a whole. One of the principles that we actively promote is actually global citizenship so we encourage universities, think tanks and research centers to promote global citizenship through education. To promote understanding, to promote intercultural dialogue.