Kazakhstan on Global Arena

Kazakhstan is a well-established member of the international community. According to experts, the republic is a reliable and stable partner known for its diverse diplomacy. Foreign political scientists placed a special emphasis on Kazakhstan’s global initiatives and praised the country’s contribution to strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation and the fight against international terrorism. According to representatives of the United Nations (UN) Counter-Terrorism Committee, Kazakhstan is known for initiating important actions in provision of international and regional security. Experts also highlighted Kazakhstan’s important role in the international arena. With the strategic position in Central Asia, Kazakhstan can have a profound impact on the regional and international policy. As the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Kazakhstan is set to make its meaningful contribution in the Council’s operations.


- I also like Kazakhstan in the United Nations. Kazakhstan is now a member of the Security Council and also leading a number of important committees’ work. Kazakhstan is also playing a very important role not only for Central Asia, but also for the entire international community in terms of maintaining the international peace and security, development, human rights and also water. So, I hope, that with this 20 years celebration, there will be more successes, success stories for Astana and also for Kazakhstan.