Cooperation of SCO countries

Bishkek hosted the meeting of representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries. It was the first international event held as part of Kyrgyzstan’s SCO presidency. The experienced accountants and economists of the seven countries are responsible for the state budget. The SCO auditors have developed their own work methods that they share with one another at such meetings. There are lots of cooperation areas in many sectors of economy.     


- The meetings have a great practical importance. For example, last year, we held an audit in healthcare sector with our Kazakh colleagues. We are also conducting audits with the Chinese auditors. 

The head of Kazakhstan’s Accounting Committee, Natalia Godunova highlighted that a great deal of work is currently held to strengthen the integration processes within the SCO. The supreme audit institutions should contribute to the development of this cooperation. The audit institutions of the SCO are enhancing their partnerships every year.


- As part of the SCO, Kazakhstan proposed the creation of joint tools of funding projects and mobilization of technological resources. We also suggested implementation of trade and investment projects on the multilateral rather than bilateral level as well as the realization of infrastructural mega projects.

According to experts, the SCO member countries will boost cooperation of their financial systems thanks to the Astana International Financial Center that recently opened in Astana.