Transit potential

Kazakhstan and Belarus are expanding cooperation in the field of railway communication. The countries are considering opportunities to increase the volume of containerization between Asia and Europe. Both countries believe this will open a new page of cooperation between them in the trade and economic sphere. Thanks to railway communications, business community of Astana and Minsk will be able to receive additional goods. The parties are discussing the details of the deal and the number of delivered goods. The export will follow the current demand orbe based on transit.


- The cooperation of Asian and Europe business community, their development and expansion is very important. From the business prospective, they mutually complement each other. That is why Asian and European countries need this bridge which simplifies business. In my opinion, Kazakhstan and Belarus have a great responsibility in this area and it's worth it.

Kazakhstan also intends to participate in the modernization of the largest Chinese-Belarusian industrial park. Agreements have been reached to intensify work on the creation of multimodal logistics facilities. New large storage facilities for long-term storage of goods as well as improved unloading points could be developed in Minsk.

Currently, engineers are determining the location of these future projects. The deadline for the commissioning of these facilities will be tight taking into account the scale of the park and the level of deals being concluded.


 - "The Great Stone"- The China-Belarus Industrial Park enters a new stage of its development as it has occupied a central place on the Silk Road. This is evidenced by an increase in the number of residents, visits by Chinese leaders and consolidation of cooperation with foreign partners. . Kazakhstan plays its role in the development of "The Great stone" and we do not exclude that over time Kazakhstan's interest in this zone will only increase.

Today, "The Great Stone" is an international platform for companies from all over the world. The park operates an unprecedented legal and preferential system among all similar clusters in the European and Eurasian space. The most important of the preferences is exemption from income, property and land taxes. According to experts, the innovation park will strengthen business cooperation between Kazakhstan and Belarus by opening new opportunities for many international companies, including for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs.