Congratulations of international experts on the anniversary of Astana

Astana is a symbol of Kazakhstan's independence. In 20 years, the capital has become not only the heart of a sovereign state, but also the world-famous dialogue platform, where the most pressing issues are being discussed. This opinion is expressed by international experts, who congratulate Astana on its anniversary. Former Deputy of UN Secretary General, Anwarul Karim Chowdhury expressed warm wishes on the occasion of the anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan.


 - Astana was always brought to our attention in the UN by Kazakh ambassadors all the time. I think this is a wonderful occasion. I wish the Kazakh people the best, I wish Astana a glorious future, and I wish also that Kazakh representatives and ambassadors to the UN continue to promote the culture of peace.

The head of the Latvian-Kazakhstan intergovernmental commission and the minister of communications of the Baltic republic, Uldis Augulis, congratulated Astana on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Astana. He said that Latvia's participation in the successful holding of the International Exposition EXPO-2017 in Astana was an important reason for cooperation between the countries.


 - The city itself is developing as a megapolis. I congratulate Astana on the fact that the EXPO-center will be developed as a financial center to Asia. Astana is to be congratulated on such a happy event, of course.

Our compatriots living abroad also congratulate Astana on its 20th anniversary. They are proud of the achievements of the young sovereign state, its importance on  the world arena and the global initiatives it champion. They dream of coming to the homeland to personally see the success of Kazakhstan.


 - We live abroad, but our heart always stays at home, in Kazakhstan. We follow every step and the development of our homeland. We all wish further prosperity. I dream of coming back with my family in the near future.