Cooperation in law

Member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation have agreed on strengthening judiciary cooperation, including expansion of cooperation in forensic examination. International experts discussed new opportunities at a conference in Almaty. Parliament members, judges, lawyers and scientists highlighted the need to synchronize legal work within the SCO member countries. Kazakhstan has already started introducing certain reforms. For example, powers of lawyers have been expanded and experts from private structures have been included in litigation. If earlier only an investigator or a judge could appoint an expert examination in the state center, now lawyers can do the same.


 - Of course, we will often work with a chamber of private experts on an agreement basis and on a fee basis. Private experts will prepare our conclusions on various topics, particularly, handwriting and philological examinations.

Kazakhstan is expanding cooperation with Brazil in legal matters. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is listed 20th with which Kazakhstan has created all the necessary international legal basis for effective cooperation. The parties signed treaties on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, extradition of convicted criminals, as well as agreements on protection of fundamental rights and interests of the citizens of both countries. Kazakhstan is the first non-American country to join the three inter-American conventions in criminal law since 2017, specifically, the law from 1992 on mutual assistance in criminal cases, the law from 1933 on extradition of criminals and the law from 1993 on serving a criminal sentence abroad.