SCO summit in China

The 18th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping will begin on the day after tomorrow. The event will be held at the Chinese port city of Qingdao. Participants of the summit are expected to sign the Qingdao Declaration as well as agreements of over 10 documents, aimed at the expansion of cooperation in security, trade, economic partnerships and humanitarian exchanges. Kazakh ambassador to China is confident that the summit will strengthen the cooperation between SCO member countries.


- The upcoming summit in Qingdao will be successful because at this point we can see that China is very active in its chairmanship, holding a great number of various events, preparing large set of documents that are expected to be signed at the summit. The Qingdao Declaration will be the main political document that will outline the member states’ approaches to cooperation areas in the future as well as their positions on various international and regional issues.

The SCO member countries account for over 20 per cent of the global GDP. It contributes to the gradual strengthening of the economic aspect of the organization’s activities. The member states of the organization established close cooperation in various sectors including industrial, manufacturing as well as research and technology. The countries held multilateral dialogue on electronic commerce every year.  


- Economic cooperation within the SCO is at a quite high level. Trade between China and other member states of the organization exceeds US$200 billion. The total volume of the Chinese investments in these countries reaches US$80 billion. Electronic commerce is a relatively new model of such cooperation.

During the two decades of the SCO’s existence, its member states have strengthened ties in areas such as culture, education, environmental protection, sports development, tourism and mass media exchange. Expansion of humanitarian contacts is another priority task for the organization.