Eurasian Media Forum: 15 Years of Evolution

«15 Years of Evolution»  is the topic of the anniversary of Eurasian Media Forum in Almaty. At the international dialogue platform, leading experts from 60 countries are discussing the development of the media space and the global changes in the industry. Currently, the data transmission speed and the various distribution channels provide countless opportunities for creativity and development, but they also present a number of threats. The media forum participants discussed the fight against fake news. Hoaxes, provocations and deliberate deception of the public are turning into a real weapon.


 - Media tools and technology are just any other tool. You can use a hammer to build a house or you can use a hammer to break a window. So it really depends on what the intent of the person is with that tool because there’s going to be people from all different viewpoints that are pushing out any kind of news but it comes down to the individual and their responsibility and how they consume information.

At the media forum, experts also talk about how economic prosperity affects the people’s confidence in public institutions and to what extent development of technology can substitute human labor and intellect. In addition, morality and human values as well as the future of conventional types of media have been discussed at the forum.


- Such platforms are very useful for professional development and networking with people who are involved in information and communications. This forum helps establish friendly and professional contacts. It also helps understand each other better to make sure that the exchange of information is first-hand, fast and high-quality.

The annual media event in Almaty is aimed at reviving the role of Central Asia as a communications center encompassing the ancient Silk Road between China and Europe.