Eurasian Media Forum: Contemporary Journalism

Global issues on mass communications were discussed by well-known columnists and journalist, political and public figures, economists and experts at the 15th Eurasian Media Forum in Almaty. Kazakh Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev gave the welcoming speech on behalf of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The Minister noted that President Nazarbayev stresses the importance of the responsibilities of present day journalists.

Crisis of confidence has turned into a serious challenge to conventional mass media as more people often choose alternative sources of information. According to the President of Kazakhstan, the competitive advantage of mass media should be based on high professionalism and the content quality.


- It is important to develop an open access to information and maintain a continuous dialogue which is a key factor to forge cooperation in solving pressing issues. The profession of journalism should remain the symbol of serving the society with high ethical and moral qualities. The Eurasian Media Forum is another opportunity to discuss all important issues on the high level. The Forum’s composition and representation will allow for the constructive exchange of opinions and experience that will benefit all participants.

Speakers brought up many current issues at the Eurasian Media Forum. For example, the forum participants held comprehensive discussions on mass migration, particularly in Europe. One group of experts shared their opinions stating that migrants undermine the economies of the European countries, while another group of experts said that on the contrary, the mass migration saves Europe from aging population, population decline and labor shortage. In addition, the forum participants held discussions on information warfare, the use of distorted information and fake news as a political tool.


 - Off to the mobile journalism class which is absolutely full. We have so many people in that class and the master class presenter said he is so impressed how many women are attending this particular master class. Many more women than there are men.

Seminars and a series of master classes were organized yesterday, on the first day of the Eurasian Media Forum. The leading experts and media moguls from the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and the Commonwealth of Independent States shared their experience with the audience. They also spoke about the art of journalism as well as the future of media and its new technologies.


 - Without having invested a lot of money in broadcasting technology and equipment but it is also becoming the fastest way to get a story out there. Look at the Arab spring. Many of the news that was brought to around the world were people with their mobile phones on the ground. Hashtag Our Stories is becoming the most creative way to tell stories. If we want to get an idea, what’s happening in the world, we can get many angles, many views and many perspectives.