Inter-Korean forum in Almaty

Almaty will host the Inter-Korean Summit on May 17-18 dedicated to the reunification of the countries of the Korean Peninsula. Scientists, athletes and musicians of South and North Koreas will meet at one dialogue platform for the first time in many years. The event is organized by the Association of Koreans of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev had suggested during his speech at the United Nations Security Council the need for the ‘Nuclear Five’ countries to offer security guarantees to North Korea in case of its renunciation of nuclear weapons.

Nazarbayev also expressed the willingness to provide a platform for negotiations on the North Korean nuclear issue. The Korean diaspora is one of the largest communities in Kazakhstan. There are Korean ethnocultural centers in every region of Kazakhstan, a Korean theater and a newspaper in the Korean language in Kazakhstan.  


- The young leader of North Korea made a decision to follow China’s model of economic development and to completely liberate the economy from the government control. Therefore, I think that the time has come for people to invest in North Korea. The Koreans of Kazakhstan as well as their partners representing various ethnicities could invest in North Korean economy. Kazakh investors can invest in similar fields of Kazakh economy such as the mining industry.    

The historic meeting of the leaders of South and North Koreas, the first in eleven years, took place in late April this year. The summit resulted in the agreement between the two Koreas to strive for prosperity together.