AEF 2018: World’s prominent experts

The Astana Economic Forum: Global Challenges Summit 2018 is a dialogue platform for the world’s prominent experts. Well-known business leaders have started to arrive in Astana. One of the leaders is Laird Cagan, the managing director and founder of Cagan McAfee Capital Partners, LLC. He is an expert in developing successful businesses. He created and helped build 15 IT companies during the peak of technology era in the 90s. 10 of these companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


The non-renewable energy will soon become a thing of the past, but is mankind ready to find new solutions? At the Astana Economic Forum, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Rae Kwon Chung will share his vision on the development of green economy. The Climate Change Ambassador of South Korea will speak about the transition to energy efficient housing and communal services as well as the renewable energy.


The future of people lies in the development of cities, but is cities ready to take in everyone? Which technologies will help the cities evolve? How to create a city from scratch in the 21st century? These issues will be discussed by leading urban development experts including the world-renowned architect, Aziza Chaouni who will share her thoughts on this issue. She is well-known for her unique project on the renovation of the historic part of the ancient city of Fes in Morocco, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.    


What will be the new anti-aging pill? When will the longevity medicine be developed? How to get rid of diseases and epidemics? The answers for these vital questions will be sought at the panel sessions of Astana Economic Forum (AEF). In these sessions, the Director of the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Anthony Atala will share his thoughts on longevity as a new branch of science. The American researcher specializes on tissue engineering. He created viable organs using the 3D printing techniques.    


The world needs new agricultural technologies to feed the 10 billion world population. Scientists have proved that there are negative consequences of the global use of the genetically modified crops, pesticides and nitrates. These include diseases, disruption of ecological balance and extinction of species. Can agriculture be more productive and safe? Representative of the European Food Information Council Milka Sokolovic, American biologist Dickson Despommier and food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart will discuss on the solutions of the agricultural issues.