Winners of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan Project

Becoming the winner of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project is both a great honor and a huge responsibility, said those who were voted as the best of the best. Among the winners are teachers, doctors, athletes and entrepreneurs. One of the contestants who were among the winners based on the results of the vote is Assel Baimukanova. The ecologist studies the behavior of Caspian seals and focuses on maintaining the number of the animals.

“It was a huge shock for me as a child to learn that these animals do disappear. When I saw the Caspian seals for the first time, they crawled towards me like they were welcoming and greeting me. We recognized each other; these are observant and curious animals. They are also curious as to who is swimming next to them; therefore they are always near me. I realized that I want the seals to remain in the Caspian Sea and it is in our capability to save this endangered species,” said Environmentalist, Winner of Contest, Assel Baimukanova.

Dina Baitassova is also one of the winners of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan national project in the field of culture. Having experience and international education as an art expert, she promotes young local artists who are involved in the contemporary art. She organizes shows and exhibitions in Kazakhstan and abroad. The events have become a great opportunity to showcase her talents. Currently, the art expert has begun preparing for the upcoming Art Show Festival.

“This project is a good platform to talk about artists, the art field, our activities and the challenges that we face. Today, a contemporary artist is an innovator. He is an inventor. The artist is a multifaceted person, who shows how comprehensive the world around us is. Art is a reflection of our world, which captures not only beautiful moments, but the challenges as well. The artist today is an ambassador, who can tell about Kazakhstan and its culture,” said Art Expert, Winner of Contest, Dina Baitassova.