School in Kabanbai Batyr Village Marked 70th Anniversary

The №41 secondary school in Kabanbai Batyr village has marked its 70th anniversary. There are 1,200 students and more than 100 teachers in the school.

The school graduates include public figures and scientists who are both in the country and overseas.

Teachers said that the educational institution stands out for its high quality of knowledge, advanced teaching methods and, most importantly, adherence to traditions.

Director of №41 Secondary School in Kabanbai Batyr Village, Botakoz Suleimenova said that the school issued secondary school certificates to its first graduates in 1956. This year, there are 64 graduates. So far 3,150 graduates have received the certificates.

“The school tries to stay up to date with the current educational trends. Our school has become one of the schools, which supports methodological work. It is a basis for inclusive education,” said Director of School from 1986 to 2009, Svetlana Luzanova.

“At first, it was a small school. Later, two more schools were built when I studied in the sixth or seventh grade. To be honest, we miss those times. Our school has always been special,” said school graduate, Sagyndyk Zhanbolatov.

The school employees said that the profession of a teacher is very popular among the graduates. The main values of Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program including preservation of heritage, adherence to traditions and continuity of generations are instilled in the students. 23 graduates have become teachers of this school.