Anthology of Kazakh Contemporary Literature was Presented in Moscow

Russia hosted a presentation of anthology of Kazakh contemporary literature. The collection of Kazakh poetry and prose was translated and published by the Publishing House of Moscow State University.

The Moscow Organization of the Union of Russian Writers, translators, editors, literary critics and reviewers took part in the event organized as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.

“We planned to showcase achievements of modern Kazakhstan and our literature to the world. Works of both young and well-known writers are included to the collection. Via these works we have managed to tell about culture, customs and traditions of our people,” said Assistant of President of Kazakhstan, Aida Balayeva.

“We are happy that the Moscow University was involved in this work. One of the main missions is education which means introducing the high-level examples of cultures to the younger generation,” said Director of Publishing House of Moscow State University, Aleksander Veraksa.

The Russian version of the anthology was published in 10,000 copies. The works will be distributed in 14 post-Soviet states and will be donated to libraries, universities and research centers.

“A poet or a talented prose writer is always heard since he or she has a unique and figurative speech. 100 people who have come to this event are our readers. Then other people will be interested in reading our books,” said Chairperson of Moscow Organization of Union of Russian Writers, Vladimir Boyarinov.

The collection of Kazakh contemporary literature will be translated into six official languages of the UN as part of the Modern Kazakh Culture in the Global World project.

Books have been showcased in Madrid, Paris and London. The publication is planned to be distributed in 90 countries meaning that more than 2.5 billion people will discover the best works of Kazakh literature.

Photo: Казинформ