Applications Open for Admission to 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan

The application for the admission to the 100 New Faces project has started in Kazakhstan. The project is dedicated to the Year of Youth in 2019.

Local citizens aged up to 39 can take part in the project. Consideration will be given to concrete achievements in the areas of science, society, medicine and sports.

Interested candidate could visit the project website and answer a questionnaire to submit his or her application. The organizers have the right to exclude an applicant who gives inaccurate information or cheats during the online voting process.

The candidates will be selected in different ways. Winners of the project in previous years will visit all regions in Kazakhstan in search of the most suitable candidates.

The application is opened until October 20th. The results will be concluded in December at the official presentation with the participation of the First President of Kazakhstan. 

“We are launching a large project. Two years ago, the First President initiated the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. As part of this program, we are starting the third stage of the 100 New Faces project which has a huge positive impact on development of society. Therefore, we decided to continue it,” said Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development, Dauren Abayev.