Latin Script Adoption Well Underway in Kazakhstan

Latin Script Adoption Well Underway in Kazakhstan

Consistent and comprehensive work on introducing the Latin alphabet in the Kazakh language is well underway in Kazakhstan. There is an action plan till 2025.

The new alphabet has been approved, working groups are implementing the action plan, and language training courses have been opened across the country. Linguists and scientists are engaged in compiling new dictionaries and manuals.

In six years, the Latin script will be introduced in kindergartens and schools.

According to Director of Baitursynov Linguistic Research Institute, Yerden Kazhibek, the transition in primary classes and kindergartens will begin in 2021-22. According to the schedule, the full transition will be finished by 2025. In 2025, the country will have fully adopted the Latin script.

Similar work is underway in the country’s regions. Spelling rules program is being developed in Kyzylorda region. Spelling exercises are held for the general public. 12 thousand residents of the Aral Sea region took part in the spelling exercises.

“In jointly with “Orleu” academic and methodological center we organized 60-hour-long courses for 30 teachers. We developed 40-hour-long programs for learning the Latin alphabet and training reading and writing skills,” said Head of Office of the Language Development Department, Assel Bakytova.

Learning the Latin alphabet for reading and wiring in Kazakh will begin this autumn in Aktobe. 500 people will be involved in training and promoting knowledge of the new script. They will give information about transition reasons and the peculiarities of letter writing.

Methodologist of Language Training Center, Akmaral Sugurbayeva said that students will learn writing and reading during the courses. Moreover, there will be courses on speed-reading. The attendees will be able to take exams and test their knowledge. Special certificates will be given to those students who successfully pass the training. Tests and exercises are published in local magazines.

According to the experts, transitioning to the Latin alphabet has many advantages. For example, the new alphabet will not only bring together the Turkic people but also help Kazakhstan integrate with the world community better.