Preserving Unity Remains a Priority for Kazakh Society

Preserving Unity Remains a Priority for Kazakh Society

President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev outlined the main areas of the country’s development for the next few years. Preserving unity and spiritual revival remain as priorities for the Kazakh society.

Kazakhstan as a state with more than 130 nationalities living peacefully and leading by example for other countries in regards to interethnic and interfaith harmony. The researcher and expert council of Kazakhstan’s ethnic assembly are studying this phenomenon. They focused on common values uniting the people in Kazakhstan despite the fact that they belong to different ethnic groups.

“We see that some values are fairly common and universal.  These are values related to family, health and importance of education. They are truly prevalent today. Accordingly, the daily life of our citizens is built around these values,” said Aigul Sadvokasova, Chairperson of Council of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly.

Chairperson of Uzbek Ethnocultural Center, Sherzod Pulatov highlighted that unity is the main wealth of Kazakhstanis. “We all have equal rights and equal opportunities and every citizen should be aware of this and stay patriotic, work for the good of our common homeland and help it flourish,” he added.

Departments of Kazakhstan’s People’s Assembly have been opened in the universities of Kazakhstan. They work to promote the values of patriotism and unity of people among the students.