100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Shynghys Shashkin

100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Shynghys Shashkin

Kazakh neurosurgeon, Shynghys Shashkin has expertise in performing surgeries to treat infantile cerebral palsy as well as spastic paralysis to allow children to walk without any difficulties.

Infantile cerebral palsy is a spastic disturbance of the muscular and nervous system that begins in childhood.

“We conducted the first selective rhizotomy or surgical operations in Almaty in children with infantile cerebral palsy and spasticity. It is a neurosurgical operation, which allows rehabilitating the children and even making them walk,” Shashkin said.

Shashkin is one of the winners of the second stage of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project due to his contribution to the medical field in Kazakhstan.

The neurosurgeon has been studying movement disorders for more than 15 years. He is also specialized in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

He believes that early detection of Parkinson’s symptoms will ensure the success of the treatment. Proper treatment involving physical exercises, medication and in some cases surgery may significantly change the patients’ lives.

“Functional surgery has significantly advanced in terms of surgical treatment of epilepsy. It is a type of surgery which should be developed in Kazakhstan and it is already developing well due to the availability of advanced equipment and enough professionals,” Shashkin said.

Photo: 24.kz