Education of New Generation is a Priority for Kazakhstan

Education of New Generation is a Priority for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is focusing on educating a new generation of innovative professionals in the country as part of the ‘Society of Well Being: 10 Goals of the Decade’ program introduced at the Nur Otan’s 18th Congress.

Kazakh politicians, scientists and public figures expressed their full support on the new program, announced by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, and they also believed that the future belongs to the youth who receive a high-quality education.

Academician and Doctor of Philosophy Kazbek Kaskenov said education is a very important point among the 10 goals of the program, which will be implemented until 2030.

“President Nazarbayev prioritized education as part of various programs, such as Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity and the Seven Facets of the Great Steppe.”

“Both the Nur Otan party and the Government have been tasked to improve the system of education. Another priority is the technological development,” he said.

Kaskenov added that the younger generation should be educated through comprehensive IT education system so there would be a new generation of young professionals in the country in the future.

“The Nur Otan party has a motto ‘Keep Moving Forward!’ That should be the essence of the education system for our young generation,” he said.