Kazakhstan New State Policy Focuses on Youth Development

Kazakhstan New State Policy Focuses on Youth Development

The new state policy under the recently announced strategic program of Nur Otan party is ensuring the successful development of the younger generation.

The new policy defines 10 goals, one of which is titled ‘Youth is a Generation of Great Opportunities.’

The goal includes providing support for the young people, ensuring the development of the youth potential, enhancing the level of patriotism as well as increasing the efficiency of the state youth policy.

Experts opined that the focus on young generation is an important factor for Kazakhstan to increase its competitiveness given that youth is the most active group in the country’s population.

According to official data, the number of Kazakhstani youth amounts to four million.

Gumilyov Eurasian National University Department of Political Science Associate Professor Gazizat Imakova said prior to the Nur Otan’s 18th Congress, the ceiling age for youth is 29. However, after the Congress, the age has been raised to 35.

“The state is doing everything to protect the citizens by improving their standards of living and quality of life,” she said.

Фото: sputniknews.kz