State Program Nurly Zhol to Be Extended until 2025

State Program Nurly Zhol to Be Extended until 2025

The Kazakh Government will extend the Nurly Zhol state program until 2025. The US$9 billion program has generated large revenue to the Government budget and has successfully improved the country’s infrastructure in terms of highway capacities, railroads and logistics facilities.

Last year, Kazakhstan has seen an increase of 4.6% in its transport services and 3.4% increase on labor productivity.

The country earned US$1.5 billion from transit operations in 2018.

Kazakh Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Roman Skylar said constructions of highways are still ongoing under Nurly Zhol program.

“We launched the construction of roads from Karagandy to Almaty and from Aktobe to the Russian border. We are planning to commission 654 kilometers of renovated road links by the end of the year. We also plan to repair 1,600 kilometers of road in the country,” he said.

A total of 437.2 billion Tenge were allocated by the Government for the implementation of the Nurly Zhol program in 2018. The budget was increased to 520 billion Tenge this year. 

As at March 1, 2019, 17.2 billion Tenge were used to implement the program.

Skylar said the funding for Nurly Zhol will be increased by 200 billion Tenge annually as part of the implementation of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructions announced at the recent Nur Otan Party’s congress.

The funds will be used on repair works on 35,000 kilometers of highways and renovate 95% of the local roads by 2025.