100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Batyrzhan Smakov

100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Batyrzhan Smakov

Batyrzhan Smakov is one of the winners of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project.

The Kazakh vocalist and conductor is the only countertenor in Kazakhstan. He tours around the world including in Italy, Georgia, France, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and Poland and he is always welcomed at the largest stages globally.

“I thought myself to sleep at 11 or 12 at night and wake up at 7.30 or 8 in the morning so that my vocal cords can rest for 7 to 8 hours. With this, I can be constantly in shape vocally and have enough time to practice,” Smakov said, adding that he plans to tour in several European countries in spring.

The young conductor studied in the Italian Gioachino Rossini Music Conservatory. He also completed the International Academy of Lyric Opera in Osimo in Italy, where he had lived for six years.

The teacher of the Kazakh National University of Arts believes that having a talent is a small component of the success, while hard work and self-improvement are essential. 

 “It is not easy. I had to deal with a lot both in personal and professional aspects,” Smakov said.

Meanwhile, the conductor will be performing at the upcoming La Regata Veneziana concert on April 21st in Astana Opera.

Photo: inform.kz