100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Assan Zholdassov

100 New Faces of Kazakhstan: Assan Zholdassov


Assan Zholdassov is one of the winners of the second stage of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project.

The 29-year-old talented mathematician is a founder of a mathematical school in Kazakhstan.

Zholdassov said he started school when he was 19.

“I want to teach my students the qualities of a winner. Another goal of mine is to contribute to Kazakhstan’s educational sector,” he said.

His mathematics school is known to have students who won gold and silver medals at international math competitions. Some of the students include those who previously failed at the ZhautYkov Republican Physics and Mathematics School entrance exams.  

Zholdassov, who is also a professional IT specialist, believes that his efforts has and will help hundreds of children change their negative views and achieve success in life.

He plans to continue to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan’s education industry, specifically in mathematics.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the mathematics school, Gulzhana Madibekova said Zholdassov is a very hard working person and he is capable of identifying potential in his students and employees.

“If he believes that a person has a special talent, he will do his best to contribute to that person’s growth,” she said. 

Photo: arasha.kz