Ivan Krepak: Winner of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan

Ivan Krepak: Winner of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan

Ivan Krepak, one of the winners of the second stage of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project has developed a smart lock mobile application, bLock.

The app is used to open wardrobe using a smartphone. The project won the Best Business Idea award from Silicon Valley.

“In 2017, I applied for training at the nFactorial Incubator where we learned to create mobile application. Then I decided that I could create an application that would solve my problem,” the 18-year old Krepak said.

He has also created a new mobile app, Zharys which can be used to see upcoming competitions in the country.

Zharys is a Kazakh word, which means competition or game.

Besides games, Krepak had invented another app, the Voice-Komek. The app can be used to communicate with deaf people. It also recognizes seven languages including Kazakh.

The new program can convert text into audio signals and vice versa.

Krepak said it is an honor for him to be part of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project. In total, there were 29 finals in the yearly project.