Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity is a basis of spiritual rebirth

Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity is a basis of spiritual rebirth

Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity is a basis of spiritual rebirth. In 2018, the unique program was given special attention in the republic. Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity is aimed at the renaissance of the national code and promotion of national culture abroad.

As part of the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program goal, special attention is paid today to the research of heritage of ancient burials found on modern Kazakhstan’s territory. Numerous archaeological sites show not only the richness of Kazakh culture, but also the existence of a highly developed nomadic civilization. Scientists highlight that domestication of horse influenced the whole process of development of the world civilization. An important stage of evolution occurred on the territory of Kazakhstan which is proven by the artifacts found in the Botai settlement.


This great discovery, the ancient Botai settlement, proves the existence of the high level of our historical culture, land and state to the whole world. We are very proud of it.

The Botai had a highly developed society. They not only domesticated horse, but also learned how to build dwellings and make household items and weapons. Their lifestyle formed the basis for the development of science and new industries. In fact, the Great Steppe gave the world the unique equestrian culture according to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev’s article titled ‘Seven facets of the Great Steppe.’ Today this heritage of nomads has joined the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


- Starting from the age of six I have been involved in the equestrian sport, taken part in many races and have won prizes. Now my weight has changed and I do kokpar.

The World Nomad Games take a special place in the revival and popularization of the equestrian culture. This year, Kyrgyzstan hosted international competitions in ethnic sports. They united more than 2,500 participants from 82 states. Participants, including from Kazakhstan, fought for the championship in various types of equestrian competitions.


- There are games such as kokpar, fighting on horseback and archery. We have Asian champions in wrestling from horseback. There are also guys who participate in races overcoming 80 km distances. We are preparing them now. The guys are showing good results.

It is impossible to form a modern cultural code of the nation without deep roots. Therefore, today their preservation is given the focus.