Kazakhstan to promote ethnosport to the level of mass sports

Kazakhstan to promote ethnosport to the level of mass sports

Studying and preserving the folk customs and traditions is one of the urgent goals in Kazakhstan. The revival of ethnic sports is especially important in the country. The country is taking many measures to promote them. The spokesperson of the Kazakh Association of National Sports says the organization intends to promote some of the types of ethnic sports to the level of mass sports. In April 2019, an international symposium of the ethnosports confederation and the world championship of the Kazakh games, specifically, kokpar and zhamba atu, will take place in the country. Recently, Almaty hosted a meeting of recognized horse breeders. The meeting participants discussed President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s recent article titled ‘Seven Facets of the Great Steppe.’


- Kazakhs were the first to domesticate a horse. Thus, we made a contribution not only to history of our people, but also to the whole civilization. At this meeting, we will discuss the ways to develop national sports and popularize them abroad.

Audaryspack, a wrestling game between horse riders, is being revived and is gaining momentum in the Aktobe region. The equestrian sports started regaining popularity 13 years ago when a specialized school was opened. It has an indoor riding hall, where children can train in the winter. The Aktobe horse riders have repeatedly become champions of Kazakhstan and Asia.


- My colleagues are developing the team sports in the regions. When our school acquires a regional status, we are planning to open branches of the school in all districts of the region. We train coaches. Since 2008, our students have been competing in kokpar, audaryspak and kyz kuu. Now the ancient games of our ancestors are gaining popularity. We have three masters of sports in audaryspak. In this sport, Aktobe players are among the leaders.

Horse riders have 30 thoroughbred horses. Children are taught not only to ride a horse, but also to saddle a horse correctly.


- A horse is an unusual animal. Over the years, I have learned a lot about them. They love vegetables and have a sweet tooth, the love sugar. I like taking care of a horse and I like to be in the saddle. I try to master my technique all the time. Kazakh national sports are popular among my friends. We believe that this passion is for real men.