History of Kazakhstan is part of the history of the great steppe

History of Kazakhstan is part of the history of the great steppe

History of Kazakhstan is part of the history of the great steppe. This is the main point of the  President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev’s article titled ‘Seven Facets of the Great Steppe.’ (All areas indicated by President Nazarbayev are extremely up-to-date). First Deputy Chairperson of the Nur Otan party, Maulen Ashimbayev says that the article highlights the outstanding achievements of past generations that would allow readers to have an objective understanding of Kazakhstan’s role in global history. It is possible due to new projects in archaeology, local history, tourism and cinema.


 - By understanding our origins and history, we will know our place in the modern world. We understand where we come from and we understand the origins of ethnogenesis of Kazakhs occurred and ethnic groups that lived in our country. We are descendants of those states and nations that played a very large role in shaping the world culture and civilization. Thus, we want to take a worthy place in the world economy, politics and community.

Deputy Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, Sanat Kushkumbayev, believes that the main goal of the presidential article is to show and summarize the vast area of historical knowledge in science in order to find inspiring examples in it.


 - In the article of the President, the most important thing is historical positivism. A story is often presented in black and white and the President wrote about this in his article. However, dramatic moments are always followed by bright and inspirational ones. Of course, the President refers precisely to these vivid and inspiring examples. We need to look at history and take bright, inspirational and positive examples from it.

In his article, President Nazarbayev highlighted that these projects should be considered as a continuation of the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program. Components of the nationwide program will make the legacy of ancestors clear and in demand in conditions of digital civilization.