Development of agriculture is a priority for sustainable development of Kazakhstan’s economy

Development of agriculture is a priority for sustainable development of Kazakhstan’s economy. In his state-of-the-nation address, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev set a goal to create a powerful complex capable of providing citizens of the republic and foreign consumers with competitive and environmentally friendly products. There are all opportunities for realizing this goal, particularly, the state funding is being allocated and innovations are being introduced.


 - This is about introducing innovations into production. The introduction of innovations is divided by industry in Kazakhstan. For example, there are industries like farming, animal husbandry as well as the processing of agricultural products. Each industry has a different level of innovations. In terms of the innovations and technological development, agriculture is ahead of all other areas.

Today smart technologies are used throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. The most advanced know-how of modernity, such as drip irrigation and precision farming, can increase the efficiency of agriculture. The latter represents a crop productivity management system based on the use of a complex of satellite and computer technologies. Instead of ploughing, sowing and applying fertilizer manually, today farmers can accurately calculate the number of seeds, fertilizers and other resources for each plot of the field with an accuracy of one meter. Moreover, Kazakh scientists are developing a program for digital transformation of the sowing campaign. So every square meter of planting area will be analyzed and investigated.

Another type of transferring technology is a cultivation of an exotic plant for Kazakhstan, sorghum. This year it was first grown in an area of 60 hectares. Sorghum grows in Southeast Asia, Africa, America and even Australia. The plant’s stems reach up to 6-7 meters. The main value of sorghum is its composition. 100 grams of this sorghum include 68% of carbohydrates. The rest is fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Hay and silage are derived from sorghum.


 - This is one of the types of juicy feed for cattle. We were convinced that the plant is very profitable. Next year we plan to plant in an area of 200-300 hectares.

Time demands to activate the introduction of not only modern technologies into the area but also the use of advanced international experience with the involvement of qualified specialists. One of the country's farms has demonstrated such a successful example.


 - Today we are working with genetics and embryos. I attracted the most leading farm from America, which conducts work in genetics. We took the embryos of the most highly productive cows, placed them on our white-headed cows and received 72 calves for the first time. We grow surrogate mothers and productivity is very high which is adapted. This has a future.

In 2022, Kazakhstan will increase labour productivity as well as exports of processed agricultural products by 2.5 times. This goal will be achieved systematically in the republic. Indeed, the introduction of innovations will bring concrete dividends to farmers. This is an effective use of resources, and the ability to predict crop volumes, and competitive advantages.