High-quality education is important for the future of Kazakhstan

High-quality education is important for the future of Kazakhstan. In his State-of-the-Nation Address, the Kazakh President outlined the priorities for further development of the educational sector. Compliance with international standards and partnerships with the leading universities of the world will provide Kazakhstan with skilled professionals. The Bolashak program is an example of successful cooperation with the United Kingdom. Today, about 300 Kazakh students study in the best universities of the UK. British experts support Nursultan Nazarbayev’s ideas regarding the need to significantly improve the quality of pre-school education because mental and creative abilities are formed at a very young age.


 - Obviously, I’ve worked in Kazakhstan from 2001 till about 2014. I was impressed by the quality of the workforce. Very highly educated, high levels of motivation. These people want to do better. And some of the friendliest and most professional people I’ve ever met in my life. Yes, there is huge potential there. Obviously, it takes time to work, to develop, to educate. This is not going to be done overnight. It’s like investing in any project. It needs investment above all and education.

Foreign experts highly appreciate President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s ideas to increase the Government’s spending on education, science and health to 10 per cent of GDP. Director of the Asia-Pacific Research Center Eom Gu Ho believes that Kazakhstan is taking its first steps towards transforming the country into a welfare state.


 - I think that President Nazarbayev’s concept of improving the population’s well-being is very productive. It is not just distribution of funds, but the establishment of the foundation for the economic development. Investments in education, science and technology will contribute to the country’s economic development. I think that this address is very important and was announced in due time.