President’s State-Of-The-Nation Address: Expert's opinion

Kazakhstan is providing opportunities for greater economic growth and favourable conditions for investors. President Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about these developments in his State-of-the-Nation Address. Member of the Dutch Parliament, Tunahan Kuzu, expressed his agreement with the Kazakh President’s policy. The Dutch parliamentarian also said that plans and ambitions aimed at the country’s development should improve the well-being of Kazakh citizens.


 - There are interesting key points in the document, the ambitions, but one of the most important things for Kazakhstan is agriculture. I think there are opportunities for this sector to realize the ambition of 2.5 times growth. The Netherlands have the techniques, the information, the innovation and this is important to share the innovation with countries who have the same ambitions. So, there are interesting opportunities for Dutch businessmen and also opportunities for Kazakhstan and that’s win-win.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev also highlighted that businesses create new jobs and provide the majority of Kazakh citizens with income. The President instructed to provide businesses with consistent growth sources encourage private investments and promote market freedom. Doctor of Economics Rakhman Alshanov believes that it is important to focus on the processing of raw materials.


 - China imports about 39 million tonnes of vegetable oil per year. It is a huge market located close to our country. We could produce seeds for vegetable oil and also produce products and export them. The President mentioned the commodity-based economy. Many goods don’t really need large technological solutions, because we have the resources that just need to be implemented. Therefore, small and medium businesses could focus on processing.