'100 New Faces of Kazakhstan' project: Aidiye Aidarbekov

Aidiye Aidarbekov is believed to be leading by example. He is one of the winners of last year’s ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ competition. The young specialist successfully graduated from the New York Film Academy and returned to his homeland. Now he intends to fulfil his old dream which is to create high-quality Kazakh films that will be in demand all over the world.


 - I’ve dreamed of making films since my childhood.  When I’ve got a chance to go all the way to the New York Academy under Bolashak, I applied immediately. Only when I arrived in Los Angeles, I saw palm trees in Hollywood and the Hollywood inscription; I saw that my dream has come true.

Aidiye has been involved in many creative areas. He wrote poetry, stories and even published a book. The young man is a producer and director of several short films as well as a screenwriter of a Kazakh-British film, ‘Flags over Berlin.’


 - This is a story about the bravery of Rakymzhan Koshkarbayev. The whole script is about the Victory Day.

Aidiye is a developer, musician and athlete. He is ready to share his rich and diverse experience with the younger generation. A few days ago, a new English program for children, which is free of charge, was launched in Astana. Aidiye is one of the project volunteers.


 - It is very important that our young people are led by the example of their peers who have achieved their goals due to hard work and desire to work.

The second stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project continues in the republic. The face of the country can be anyone from all walks of life in Kazakhstan.