State of the Nation address: Kazakh citizens' well-being and the quality of life in Kazakhstan

In the State-of-the-Nation-address, President Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that the Kazakh citizens’ well-being and the quality of life in Kazakhstan depend on the development of the domestic economy. Many experts are focusing on the task set by the President aimed at the increase of Government’s spending on education, science and healthcare up to 10 per cent of the GDP in five years.


 - Previously, the Government focused on the development of manufacturing, industry, transport and banking. The quality of life was important, but the economic development is key. Now, the level of economic development allows moving to the next step and focusing on consumers. Focusing on the people is good from the humanitarian point of view and important for the society in general.

CEO of Independent Power Corporation Peter Earl expressed his opinion on President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s address. He highlighted the ‘Business Roadmap’ program and the idea of establishing the direct investment fund aimed at the non-oil and gas sector.


 - Well, I think that the speech is very much in line with his policy for the last 10 years with the Business Roadmap which he’s pursued since 2010 and he’s announced that he is extending that policy to 2025 to encourage the active growth of the economy and I believe that that’s very important. He also said that many of the priority projects should now have direct foreign investment and he is creating a direct investment fund for co-investment with foreign investors. This is a brilliant idea. And I know that the British Government supports this.