100 New Faces of Kazakshtan Project Stage II: Murat Kabylbayev and Timur Ryspekov

100 New Faces of Kazakshtan Project Stage II: Murat Kabylbayev and Timur Ryspekov

Kazakh citizens have a chance to be among the winners of the second stage of the unique ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project. The main selection criteria include professionalism and commitment. Application for the project is ongoing. The winners will be identified by popular vote. The success story of the first stage winner Murat Kabylbayev is known all over the country. He is a father of 13 children, 12 of which were adopted. All his children are fluent in both Kazakh and Russian irrespective of ethnicity. They have many talents, read books and do sports.   


- Our father teaches us a lot of things. We have a family meeting every week. At these meetings, our father teaches us how to behave in society, how to respect elders and what example to show to youngsters. He gives us advice on how to behave among our peers. We perform physical exercises and read books together. I won the third place at a reading contest of Abai works by reading his 50 works.

The members of the large and close-knit family take care and respect each other. They all have their dreams, while some of them chose their future professions. However, the father of many children is doing his best to instil good qualities in his kids, such as caring for the world, being useful and helping others. 


- I have been receiving many calls from all over Kazakhstan. There are people calling from Russia and Kyrgyzstan as well. They are interested in my parenting principles for adopted children. There is currently no school for adopting parents in our country. In the majority of cases after the adoption, parents face some difficulties. Therefore, I have an idea of opening an online school for adopting parents to share my experience and advice them.

Almaty resident Timur Ryspekov is the first school student of the national project. The talented student has been engaged with robotics since childhood. There are 72 developments in his collection in the social, healthcare and space sectors. 28 of his projects are patented. At an international competition in 2017, the young inventor presented a robot capable of identifying 77 chemical reagents. Meanwhile, his big data analysis development allows forecasting volcanic eruptions. The young scientist is currently preparing to travel to the United States to present his project at a NASA competition.


- Our project was recognized on an international level in August by international experts. Due to high results demonstrated by our project, we received an invitation from NASA to participate in a NASA Challenge competition.

At the first stage of the project, more than 340,000 Kazakh citizens cast almost 1.5 million votes for the contestants. Every Kazakh citizen can nominate a distinguished candidate at the second stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project. The application is open until October 15.