The volume of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan amounted to nearly US$300 billion

In his state-of-the-nation address, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that during the years of independence, the volume of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan amounted to nearly US$300 billion. This shows that the world's largest companies trust Kazakhstan’s economy. One of the main investors in Kazakhstan is the United Kingdom, which has invested approximately US$13 billion in projects of the republic. Interests of the British investors are not limited to the raw material sector. Foreign businessmen are attracted by the favourable investment climate in a form of various preferences.


 - I think what is always striking about Kazakh government’s strategic programs is the sense of urgency, the clear vision looking from the government and this kind of message is extremely powerful for the English investor base because they want a message that is straightforward that they can understand.

In his address, President Nazarbayev assigned to consider the establishment of a direct investment fund in the non-primary sector which will work on the co-investment principle with foreign investors in order to implement major breakthrough projects. In this regard, Kazakhstan should continue to create favourable conditions to attract more capital. Foreign experts have praised the work of the government to improve the investment attractiveness.


 - I think that Kazakhstan is important, generally good investment condition in the country so the investors are easier.  We are working together with the government including Kazakhstan. It could improve the investment condition because we provide with the guide to make it better. By this, as a result, to reduce the cost for the investment and also revenues for the people. It is very admirable that Kazakhstan established such a consult for foreign investors because I think this is one of the reasons why Kazakhstan is able to attract such a number of foreign investment not only in the energy sector but in other sectors as well.