People of Kazakhstan are discussing some of the reforms and changes proposed by President

People of Kazakhstan are discussing some of the reforms and changes proposed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his latest state-of-the-nation address. Both local and foreign political analysts are speaking out about the strategic initiatives proposed by the president. Head of the British-Kazakh society Rupert Goodman says that it is important to create a direct investment fund in the non-primary sector, which will work based on the principle of co-investment with foreign partners.


 - The President’s state-of-the-nation speech is, of course, a patriot for the British-Kazakh Society. There are some very important messages that he made in the state-of-the-nation speech. We, particularly, welcome the investment in the non-oil sector because which will help to diversify the Kazakh economy.

In addition, world-class experts believe that Kazakhstan is an initiator of many successful international projects, both in geopolitics and in geo-economics. In a difficult global economic and political environment, Kazakhstan has been able to strengthen its position as a responsible and trustworthy player. According to Yahya Aliyev, the head of the World Turkic Congress, the President’s state-of-the-nation address gives a powerful impetus to positive reforms in the country.


 - I would say that this address is referred not only to Kazakhs but also to the whole Turkic world because it covers topics of both domestic and foreign policies. I was born and raised in the Zhambyl region, and as a former Kazakh citizen, I watched the address with great enthusiasm. President Nursultan Nazarbayev once again finds wise solutions aimed to improve the welfare of the Kazakh people and Kazakhstan at the crossroads of challenging times, despite the difficulties as well as the financial difficulties related to the global crisis.