100 New Faces of Kazakhstan Project Part II

The second stage of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project is launched in Kazakhstan. People from various regions are submitting their applications. For example, Aktobe region was represented by 101 candidates. However, only 19 people were selected as a result of the rigorous evaluation process. The project is organized by the Kazakh Ministry of Information and Communications and Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly and is aimed at the promotion of the unique stories of personal and professional achievements. The project members are continuing to search for new people with special talents and unique stories that can serve as examples for other people. The popular online vote will be held at the el.kz website in November to identify the winners of the project’s second stage.  


 - We started receiving candidates’ applications in the Aktobe region in August. The contenders represent various professions; they are journalists, teachers, art workers and businessmen, including three members of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly. We also have the representatives of ethnocultural associations and NGOs.