Modernization of production facilities in Kazakhstan

Modernization of production facilities in Kazakhstan

Modernization of Kazakhstan’s enterprises has allowed the improvement of production processes and quality of goods. It also provides the opportunity to expand the range of products. A winter diesel fuel production plant in Stepnogorsk in Akmola region is set to boost its capacities as it will start to produce gasoline. In particular, additional catalytic oil processing units worth 400 million Tenge will be launched at the refinery. It will also increase the enterprise’s capacity and will expand the range of products. With the new equipment, the manufacturer is expected to produce 150,000 tonnes of fuel and lubricants per year with the application of innovative technologies that meet the European requirements. Specialists said that they don’t have to choose the raw materials due to the new equipment. 


 - The range of our products will be expanded with the launch of the catalytic unit. It will partially include gasoline and gas that we will dispose of. With the aim of environmental protection, we will not burn liquid hydrocarbons. Our unit will operate on gas and it will significantly reduce emissions.  

Meanwhile, following the modernization plan, a petrochemical plant in Pavlodar has started to produce new types of fuel for the K4 environmental class. The enterprise also produces aviation fuel which is very important for the domestic market. The large-scale modernization has helped to enhance production capacities.


 - This year, we resumed production of aviation fuel and increased production of high-octane petrol by 30 per cent

The Pavlodar plant currently operates at a full capacity as it provides agricultural sector of Kazakhstan with fuel. The enterprise is expected to produce 18,000 tonnes of fuel by the end of the year. Installation of the modern equipment cost 189.5 billion Tenge.