Qazaq-camp. Students learned to do everything that their ancestors have done previously

Children’s training camp, Qazaq Camp in Pavlodar is built to preserve and introduce the national traditions and customs of Kazakhs to the future generation. There is an ethno village where students spend their summer holidays. The students learned to do everything that their ancestors have done previously.


- Our great-grandfathers used a variety of technologies to make kamshy (камчи). It was necessary to properly process fur, to make felt, to make it thin and at the same time very strong. We are replicating this skill and teach the secrets to our younger generation.

Wooden architecture has always been a part of Kazakhs’ life. Utensils, elements of yurt and even weapons have been skillfully made based on skills that were passed from generations. The national cuisine also has a rich heritage.


- I like everything very much. I learned many interesting things about Kazakh dishes during these few days. There is no internet, so we live without telephones and we communicate with each other more often. We usually go to mountains and enjoy nature.

The Qazaq Camp program includes making felt and utensils as well as sewing. Acquaintance with the main treasures of Kazakhs, the golden eagle and hunting dog, is also part of the program. Bayanaul eagle hunters shared legends and their fascinating tales of bird hunting.


- This golden eagle is called Naizatuyak (Найзатуяк). In 2017, it won a prize in the hunting birds’ championship of Kazakhstan. I trained it in real conditions, which is hunting for wild animals.


- Our children live in yurts and, of course, only with the permission of their parents. This is the main aspect of our experiment, so children can immerse themselves in the ethno-cultural atmosphere. We are conducting a well-rounded research and developing a scouting movement.

The third season of the summer camp has already come  which is organized as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Kids really enjoyed the time spent in the camp. Organizers say, the project was a success. Next year, the project will be organized at the republican level.