Burabay nature park in UNESCO list

Kazakhstan’s pearl, Burabay Nature Park may be included in the UNESCO Global Geopark status. The inclusion in the international list helps the resort to be known as a large tourist centre and attract tourists. Over 800,000 tourists have visited the resort last year and it is forecasted that by the end of this year, the resort will welcome some 900,000 tourists. Experts said scheduled events and year-round reception of guests were made based on the tourist forecast.


 - In order to popularize the Burabay resort, sponsors publicly support the production of branded water, which is available at the resort. We also produce advertisement and information products. We work with information networks, social networks and information space.

The inclusion of the Burabay resort in the UNESCO Geopark list will drive the development of the region. The international status provides an opportunity for some provinces to become major tourist centres and bring the income of millions of Euros per year to the region. The historical event happens for the first time in the region.


 - The Burabay resort is being nominated for the UNESCO Global Geopark. Literally, a tender has been held recently and the supplier has been identified. We are preparing the documentation to be submitted at the headquarter in Paris. This will add an additional brand appeal to the resort and increase its status and attract foreign tourists.

Currently, the resort accommodates over 12,000 tourists per day. 150 hotels are opened throughout the year. Services provided by sanatoriums, holiday homes and private entrepreneurs are also available. Russian tourist, Yelena Kreuzberg (Крейцберг) discovered Burabay 35 years ago and has fallen in love with the place ever since. She brought her friends to the resort and acted as their guide.


 - I visited this place in 1983 for the first time when I was a student. Since then I've fallen in love with this magnificent place. I visit Burabay quite regularly. The resort is beautiful and amazing, I have seen the changes in this place.

The infrastructure in the resort is constantly being improved in order to attract more tourists. Additional investments will be attracted to develop the area. Experts said the hashtags such as #VisitAqmola and #VisitBurabay on social networks are gaining popularity.