Tourism destinations are increasing in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is seeing an increasing potential to develop tourism in its regions. Currently, different tourism types such as business, medical, recreational as well as research and cultural are actively being developed. Turkestan region has welcomed nearly 3,000 tourists this year. Foreign specialists forecasted that over 4,000 tourists will visit the region by year-end. The region’s most popular tourist destination is the Yskak Bab - Karabura – Akbikesh mosque. An increasing number of visitors also visit the Kanai Khak in the Suzak village. The mosque, built in the 19th century, has a combination of Central Asian and Russian architectural elements. District residents said the walls and dome of the building retain its original appearance and remain untouched.


-The mosque is 34 meters long and 24 meters wide, 15 meters high and the walls are 1.5 meters wide. The mosque hasn’t changed its appearance, everything has been preserved – the ornaments and colours as well as wood and brick.

Meanwhile, cycle tourism is being developed in the Pavlodar region. Students are involved in the development. A school in Bayanaul region had won a social grant of one million Tenge, which is used to purchase bicycles. The bicycles are available for rent.


-Many tourists visit Bayanaul. We try to take advantage of this and earn extra money. In the future, we plan to buy more bicycles. We want to expand the range of our services.

Tourists can make exciting cycling trips and enjoy the beauty of Bayanaul. The school uses the income from its bicycle business to equip inclusive classrooms.