Single data processing centre was opened in Atyrau

A data processing centre was opened in Atyrau as part of the implementation of Digital Kazakhstan state program. The centre houses 3,000 servers and more than 1,000 terabytes of information. Experts of the centre can map out a ship traffic route through the ice and calculate the parameters to drill a new well. The staff follows possible emergency situations using space satellites.


 - The main purpose of the data processing centre is to collect information about emergency situations at mining and oil-producing plants located in Atyrau region. The relevant services will have information on the accurate coordinates.

The data processing centre is the first of its kind not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia region. Therefore, the data housed in the centre is highly demanded in almost all sectors. Experts of the centre can create a 3D model of an oil well or an entire oil and gas field. Services at the centre are provided by Kazakh specialists who underwent training abroad and have extensive work experience.


 - Our equipment allows collecting a great number of data from hundreds of services that contain information about weather conditions, ship traffic and polluting substances in the atmosphere. The equipment provides the required data after processing.

The centre collects data from air quality monitoring stations throughout the region. Information is provided to environmentalists online. Specialists said the centre is secured and protected from cyber-attacks. The capacity of electric generators operating in the centre is very powerful. The generators could provide electricity to an entire micro-district.