Kazakh language transition to Latin script

Kazakhs are taking part in the approval of a pilot project on new spelling rules for the Kazakh language in Latin script. Nearly 500 servicemen and civil servants passed the tests in Kyzylorda. Results of written works and a survey among Kazakh-speaking employees revealed a number of topics related to spelling rules of the new Kazakh alphabet in Latin. Philologists and linguists focused on the writing skills of participants. Thus, various examples of spelling in Latin for direct speech, foreign and borrowed words have been discussed.


 - We began to work on the preparation of spelling and orthoepic dictionaries. Next year, Kazakh preschoolers will be taught according to new textbooks of the new alphabet. In 2020, the preschoolers will start learning with the Latin alphabet. There is a preparation for large-scale changes in education.

Residents of East Kazakhstan received the same opportunity in terms of the new spelling rules test of the Kazakh language in Latin. Recently, a working group visited Oskemen and Semei. The specialists informed the residences on the pilot project and offered to practice the language with the new rules.


 - All results of approbation will be used. Then they will monitor. All offers of the citizens will be taken into account when developing the spelling rules of the Kazakh language in the Latin alphabet.

Similar events are held in all regions of the country. The event was initiated by the Committee for Development of Languages and Social and Political Affairs. According to the organizers, the tests will allow Kazakhs to quickly adapt to the new writing rules in the Latin alphabet.