100 New faces of Kazakhstan: Medet Chotabayev

Young and talented Medet Chotabayev easily manages to perform the character of many legendary heroes. He starred as Tolegen in the ‘Kyz Zhibek’ opera, Pinkerton in ‘Madama Butterfly’ and Alfred in ‘La Traviata.’ Leading soloist of Astana Opera and winner of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project Medet Chotabayev has a busy schedule.

The opera artist is preparing a new musical project for his fans and he is constantly rehearsing despite his vacation.  However, Medet Chotabayev is used to working hard. He says that the secret of success lies in the constant skills improvement.  After the success in the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project, he has more opportunities for creativity.


 - I am very glad that people believe in me and my work is appreciated. I think that such projects are necessary. They open the door for our youth; open the door to the future and our country.

The winner of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project Medet Chotabayev is preparing for a tour in Australia. The local artist will perform one of the most difficult parts in his career on the stage of the Melbourne Opera House. Prior to this, he had performed in several countries worldwide in Kazakh, Russian, Italian, French, English and Spanish languages. He will perform this opera in the German language. Therefore, Medet Chotabayev is paying special attention to the specific techniques of the performance.


 - I am flying to Australia in October. I will stay there for about two months. I will be rehearsing for the first month. Performances will begin in the second month. Rehearsals will be held at the Sydney Opera House whereas the performances will take place in Melbourne.

This year, Medet Chotabayev has won two awards. He was awarded a state scholarship of the First President of Kazakhstan in culture. He also won the prestigious Order of the Star of Italy. The soloist of Astana Opera received the highest Italian award for foreigners for his contribution to strengthening cultural cooperation between the two countries.