100 New faces of Kazakhstan: Dias Tastanbekov

Dias Tastanbekov is one of the 18 scientists who won the first round of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project. He is the creator of a number of unique developments, including the Startup ‘Bolashak’ project. The young chemist proposed a model of aeroponics farming, which he developed. The modern technology allows plants to grow in air or mist environment without the use of soil. The system is widely used in the United States, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The organic plants greenhouse is opened in Almaty region.


-This technology allows plants to grow in multiple tiers. Therefore, farmers can yield more harvest from one square meter if they have several tiers. It saves space, water and human resources. We have lots of space, but not every land is suitable for agricultural use and not every land is irritable. Therefore, this technology is relevant for us.

Dias Tastanbekov and his team are currently conducting research experiments in their own laboratory. According to the scientist, the project on biodegradable polymers for osteosynthesis is quite promising. Dias has many plans, including opening a research centre engaged in the development of technologies and their commercialization.


-I am currently working on a biodegradable implants project, which is just at the initial stage. The idea is to use implants that will not have to be removed. The patients will not have to undergo another surgical operation in bone fracture treatment.