100 New faces of Kazakhstan: Yelena Dmitriyenko

Yelena Dmitriyenko is a professional who knows best how to reveal children’s potential. She is the Honored teacher, scientist and the recipient of the Order of Kurmet who cannot imagine her life without children. She developed her unique program ‘Zhuldyz’ in 1991. This methodology is used as a guideline for those who work with children. The president of the Union of Children’s Public Organizations, Yelena is one of the finalists of the first stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project. According to her, it is a great opportunity for the younger generation.  


 - I was surprised when I saw many young talented people, representing professions such as surgeons, actors and engineers at the gathering of winners held by President Nazarbayev. I was especially impressed when I saw talented people with disabilities, including artists promoting art and Kazakh culture. Young people with innovative ideas and aspiration towards progress are recognized at the national level by the government, civil society and their friends.

Yelena Dmitriyenko dedicated 40 years of her life to comprehensive development of children’s education. Today, she is recognized by her colleagues in both Kazakhstan and neighboring countries and beyond. Thousands of children and grown up students are thankful to her. She was nominated for the republican competition ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ by her students. The honored teacher currently has new ideas and plans. They are all related to the new generation of the people of Kazakhstan.

Yelena Dmitriyenko, president, ‘Zhuldyz’ union of children’s public organizations

 - We created Kazakhstan’s children’s movement development concept taking into account modern requirements and specific aspects, including President Nazarbayev’s initiatives and instructions. Children are full members of the society.

Yelena Dmitriyenko and the ‘Zhuldyz’ republican movement are currently under preparation for the consolidation forum, which will be held next month. The team of teachers is getting ready to welcome the European delegation and present innovative programs of the professional and pre-school education that is effective in Kazakhstan.