Tourist infrastructure development in the regions of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has vast touristic potential. Local officials in Bayanaul district of Pavlodar region are planning to significantly boost the local tourism opportunities. The district has unique natural and climatic conditions. To achieve the objective, the local government began to modernize its infrastructure. Comprehensive repair works of the road leading to the resort area is under way. It will cover the road section from the Astana – Pavlodar highway to the border of Karaganda region. The total length of the road is 230 kilometers. Almost six billion tenge were allocated for its reconstruction. The construction works are expected to be completed by October this year.


 - We are applying a new method of cold recycling. We are adding 10 centimeters of crushed stone and four per cent of cement to the damaged asphalt layer which reduces time and costs.

An aerodrome for small aircraft is another large construction site. The local officials are planning to create conditions for the arrival of passenger aircraft.


 - The project cost is 240 million tenge. Kazaeronavigatsiya is purchasing navigation equipment for us, such as radio beacons, ceilometers and other required equipment. The competition is over and we are waiting for shipments. We are currently looking for an airline together with the civil aviation committee of the Ministry of Investments and Development. We plan to operate planes such as Diamond and Fokker. We will also use biplanes to entertain tourists as well as for skydiving and excursions over our four lakes.

The aerodrome will also be used for the flights to Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Pavlodar. In the future, the local airport is expected to welcome flights from Russia as well.

There are many travelers from Russia in the region. According to the officials of the Bayanaul national nature park, Russian tourists book hotel rooms online in advance. Travelers are offered 13 excursion routes in the park, including walking tours, horseback rides and bike rides.


 - According to special accounts, we should earn 30 million tenge this year. This money will be spent on maintenance, security, fire trucks and labor costs for people cleaning the area.

There are currently 34 rest houses in Bayanaul with new ones appearing every year. They need to follow certain requirements, including high quality services provided to tourists. In other words, their services should be excellent.


 - Our recreational zone is comfortable and is designed for 150 people. When we began constructing it, we took into account all feedback from our visitors. We have built wooden houses and opened a pool for children this year, there are also football and volleyball pitches on the area. We are working on beautification of our area.


 - It’s my first visit here. It is beautiful. I like it a lot. The weather is nice for walking along the area, breathing fresh air and swimming. It is nice that there are still places like this.

The flow of tourists in Bayanaul is growing every year. A cableway and a mountain ski trail are currently under construction around the Myrzashoky mountain to make tourism available throughout the year. The builders are expected to complete the construction by autumn.