II Stage of ‘100 new faces of Kazakhstan’ project

The second stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project was launched in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Ministry of Information and Communications is accepting applications until September 10. According to the organizers, the candidates should achieve good results in their professional careers and have great personal qualities. An experts group will be handling the pool of applications and later will announce another list of contenders. The people of Kazakhstan will have to identify the prominent citizens by voting, which will be opened from September 20 to October 10. Users can vote online by visiting el.kz website.


-We need heroes of our time to multiply their success and motivate various categories of population, particularly, the young people for personal fulfillment. It matches the ideas that President Nazarbayev addressed in the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, including aspiration to knowledge and progress, polylingual education and secular values. The young generation should find their way up and create conditions for their personal fulfillment. We know that many participants of the first stage of the ‘100 New Faces of Kazakhstan’ project have improved and advanced in their careers and businesses and gained more popularity and recognition.

This time, the focus will be made on younger generation. Therefore, the organizers addressed trade associations, social organizations and unions to request the lists of candidates with the unique history of personal and professional accomplishments in order to include them in the project.