Transition of Kazakh language to Latin script

Тhe new rules of spelling in the Latin script have been tested in Kazakhstan. 300 Kazakh schoolchildren of the 6th to the 9th grades took part in the pilot project. According to the assignment, the students had to choose the correct and convenient option of spelling the Kazakh words in the Latin alphabet, write them, and leave their suggestions. The specialists promised to take every suggestion into account. Moreover, they are set to conduct such experiment in all regions of Kazakhstan, initially with school students and later with the older generation and government employees. As a part of the four-year program of transition to new textbooks, which was adopted last year, all textbooks will be republished.


 - It’s been over a month since we started working on the new spelling rules. We have approved a special work schedule for this purpose which is designed to end in September. There are 75 spelling rules under development right now. At the same time, we are planning to work on testing the new alphabet rules.